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Latest Featured News Widget

Latest Featured News Widget


Displays the latest news or latest featured news from the associated SharePoint list in the OOTB case, from the FoundationNews_AK list.


    • Quickly surface the latest news or the latest featured news.


    • Widget Name: LatestFeaturedNewsWidget
    • Available With:  Release 4.8
    • Content App Type: Author
    • Content Type: AkuminaNews and AkuminaNewsExperience
    • Content App Name: Company News
    • List Name: FoundationNews_AK
    • Recommended Images Sizes: N/A
    • Dependencies: SharePoint



Title Title of the item in the SharePoint list, Title is also used in the static column.
Body The detail content of the new article.
Expires Content can be set to expire, in which case the content will not display on the site.
Start Date Date in which the content will appear on the site, also the date that is displayed on the news article.
Expires Content can be set to expire, in which case the content will not display on the site.
AnnouncementTitle Title that is displayed on the article on the front end site.
Summary Summary data that can be display on this widget under the title.
Seo-Description Search Engine Optimization – description
Seo-Keywords Search Engine Optimization – keywords
Seo-Title Search Engine Optimization – title
Featured This article can be marked as a featured article
HubNewsCategory Category for tagging the article
PublishedBy People picker allowing the user to select a user who has published this article.  The Published by is displayed only on the news detail page.
Job Title title of the Author of the article, only displayed on the news detail.



Displayed Title
If a value is entered, then the title will appear on the header of the widget.
List is on Root Site When checked, the widget references the list on parent/root site collection.
List Name Name of the SharePoint list that contains the data to be displayed for this widget instance.
Site Collection URL Site collection URL where the SharePoint list defined in “List Name” can be found.
viewxml XML to retrieve data for display on the widget
Cache Interval
Sets the time, in minutes, that the data should be saved in the local browser cache of the current user.

·       0 = Do not cache the data for this widget

·       -1 = Use the default caching strategy set via Site Creator

Whole Number = Cache for specific time, in minutes

Function to call after fetching data OOTB -Blank (used for widget expansion):  Name of the function called after data has been fetched by the widget.
Function to call before binding the UI events OOTB -Blank (used for widget expansion):  Name of the function called after the UI has been rendered to the screen
Selected list columns
Columns in the SharePoint list that the widget is utilizing
Items/Page Number of items that display in the widget
Featured Boolean value, if set to true then will display items tagged as featured and latest. If false then the latest (based upon start date) news articles will be displayed
Icon Icon that displays next to widget Title
Summary Limit Max amount of characters to be shown in an items summary
View All Title Title for the view all button, example:
View All Link Link for the view all button, example: newslist.aspx
Widget Height Determines the widget’s height (not used in the default view)
Order By The internal column name for the  that the items are ordered by, example:  Start_x0020_Date or Created
Order Direction Order to display the content from the list, ascending (ASC) or descending (DESC).  For latest article, this should be set to DESC order.
dependencies Widget that this widget depends on, in this case the GenericListWidget


View Name:  Default

View Description:  Displays news cards, complete with image, title, summary and start date.

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