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Microsoft Teams as a Canvas on the Akumina Platform

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Note: Teams as a Canvas integration only works with Modern SharePoint sites and pages.

The Akumina Platform has been integrated with Microsoft Teams as a Canvas, providing all the versatility and functionality of Teams with the features and functions of the Akumina Digital Workplace. This creates a seamless transition between Teams and Akumina, and provides employees with an enhanced communication and productivity workspace.

The Microsoft Teams toolbar is displayed on the left-hand side of the Akumina page providing all the standard teams functionality for team collaboration, while using all the navigation and pages of your Akumina site.

External links, that do not contain the ak-spalink class, will open in a new browser tab.

Microsoft Teams Personal App Setup

This requires a one-time setup by your site administrator to create the Akumina Foundation sites in Microsoft Teams as a Personal App. Please follow the instructions for Microsoft Teams Personal App Setup.

Note: Teams as a Canvas in Mobile, currently will run in deprecated mode without Azure AD functionality, this includes Graph and Social. 
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