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Akumina User Guide (4.8)

Advanced Filtering

Foundation Site (FS’20) Reference Guide (release 4.8 and above)

Working with Author Type Content Apps (release 4.5 and above)

Using the Foundation Site (FS’20) Content Apps (release 4.8 and above)

AppManager Tool for Evaluating Configuration

Akumina Workspaces – Quick Start Guide

Managing Site Themes and Logo using AppManager Theme Manager (release 4.8)

Foundation Site (FS ’19) Reference Guide (release 4.5 and above)

App Explorer – Content Apps Tab Overview

SharePoint Link/Video Insertion

AppManager Settings (release 4.5 and above)

AppManager User Interface Overview

Managing Multiple Sites in AppManager

Reusable Content

AppManager Image Picker (Add, Crop and Resize)

Authoring News Articles and Dynamic Pages

Microsoft Teams as a Canvas on the Akumina Platform

Microsoft Teams Personal App Setup

Using Rail Layouts to Customize Your Pages

Updating the User Profile’s Background Image

Experience Builder

Impersonation Engine

Working with Curated Type Content Apps

Working with Slider Type Content Apps

Working with Quicklinks Type Content Apps

Working with Curated Experience

Working with Quick Content Edit

Changing Content App Field Order Display in AppManager

Recommended Image Sizes

AppManager Image Picker Rendition Support

Persona Builder

Auto Widget Provisioning

Department Sub-Site with Unique Permissions

Author Content App Permissions

Managing Page Cache in AppManager

Log in to AppManager

Intelligent Tracking Protection (ITP) browser settings three step process

Using the “Delete” Functionality in Content Apps