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Release 5.0

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Version 5.0 Releases

Release date: 4/7/21

AppManager Product Version: 5.0.2011.2311

SPA Version: 5.0.2104.0801

Akumina Framework Version:  5.0.2011.2309*

(* version to be used with CDN)


Akumina Framework Functionality

  • Fixed FriendlyUrls for sites deployed to root collection
  • Corrected ‘Add to Menu’ in edit page content for root site page links
  • Added page builder stability improvements to handle duplicate instances of Ckeditor
  • Fixed dashboard loading in root site within AppManager
  • Fixed updating global widget instances after changing properties in page edit mode
  • Added widget property editing stability improvements for multiple delivery sites using the same widget id with different site ids
  • Fixed performance of search results in root sites
  • Corrected redirect link to home page in root sites
  • Corrected ‘My Sites’ in Me Bar Management Widget in root sites
  • Fixed Document viewer issues with download and delete in root sites
  • Added Save Page Layout stability improvements for editing widget properties
  • Corrected Activity Stream event card display for all day events
  • Fixed Important Dates Widget all day events display when viewing cached data
  • Corrected My Org Tree Widget to display profile images
  • Added an all date picker and moment js files to CDN
  • Updated Page Builder for add new instance and additional properties to be collapsed
  • Corrected page preview to reset state in Page Builder
  • Corrected Activity Stream comments widget error


AppManager Functionality

  • Fixed Site Deployer for ‘Add Modern Pages’ in root sites
  • Corrected cache key issue with ‘spfile’ endpoint for Headless configurations
  • Corrected Activity Stream Event Subscription with missing group ID or persona
  • Fixed loading issue in Curated Content App when publishing content tied to a persona
  • Corrected select site in Curated Content App in root sites
  • Corrected form link display in Quick Links App in root sites
  • Added fail safes to prevent Content Apps from disappearing
  • Added ability for deleting pages in Page Manager
  • Added an ‘AllDayEvent’ for event card type in Activity Stream
  • Added an OData filter to SharePoint event subscriptions for Activity Stream items
  • Added support for “Content App Settings administrator” on the global settings page

Release date: 3/17/21

AppManager Product Version: 5.0.2011.2310

SPA Version 5.0.2012.2201

Akumina Framework Version:  5.0.2011.2309*

(* version to be used with CDN)


Akumina Framework Functionality

  • Added Virtual Page loading performance improvements
  • Added ability to support firstname / lastname query string search parameters in People Directory
  • Corrected widget icon from image path to font-awesome in Activity Stream Widgets
  • Fixed sticky rails scrolling in Activity Stream to be supported across all browsers
  • Corrected a usability issue with Swap Widget to not allow a widget to be added when swap widget is enabled
  • Corrected ROOT Site Page loading issues on delivery site
  • Corrected going into live mode or clearing content cache loses AppManager Context
  • Corrected the ability in page builder to remove the first row when it is blank


AppManager Functionality

  • Corrected Activity Stream to return latest item title/url within metrics date range
  • Corrected /api/connector/currentusergroups to no longer throw 500 errors in certain scenarios
  • Added the ability to support more than 5000 global widget instances in widget manager
  • Added Microsoft Teams Auth Flow support
  • Fixed landing on the Site Provisioning Page in site creator
  • Corrected Ckeditor document picker to create a new link for documents in resource picker
  • Fixed Override Subsite Cache to support more than 100 subsites in Azure tables
  • Corrected updating wrong widget instance properties when the same widget id exists in multiple delivery sites
  • Corrected a usability issue to not auto update Static URL field if content is in edit mode
  • Fixed language neutral list character limit in AppManager

Release date: 2/15/21

AppManager Product Version: 5.0.2011.2306

SPA Version: 5.0.2012.2201

AppManager Framework Version: 5.0.2011.2309*

(* version to be used with CDN)

Akumina Framework Functionality

  • Added Progress Bar functionality to display progress when navigating pages
  • Added a Saved Page Layout to provide the ability to save widget instances with the page
  • Added the ability to Delete Saved Layouts
  • Fixed the search result page to return the same number of results as displayed in the dropdown
  • Corrected the Activity Stream subscription modal from scrolling to the top of the stream upon automatic refresh
  • Fixed the ability to upload files to folders with special characters in DMS and Document Viewer
  • Corrected api connector isloggedin to not probe islogged when timeout has occurred
  • Fixed the create button functionality on DMS drag and drop file on page refresh
  • Removed follow button on DMS and Document Viewer in Modern as SharePoint no longer supports follow
  • Fixed configuration to allow a maximum of 100 user groups to be returned from graph
  • Fixed duplicate page results in search in on premise
  • Corrected SPA links in the HTML content widget
  • Corrected user personas to display the personas for logged in user instead of showing all personas

 AppManager Functionality

  • Removed trailing slash in site address when generating site unique ids
  • Corrected issue with user preferences to reduce 404 errors when preferences are not found
  • Fixed Persona Builder to display under management apps when cloning an existing persona
  • Updated api/health route to return UTCNow.Ticks
  • Implemented support for external links in Quicklinks to modern pages outside of the Akumina Framework

Release date: 1/21/21

AppManager Product Version: 5.0.2011.2303

AppManager Functionality

  • Added a “Switch to Central” button on the switch site modal for Central/Delivery configured sites
  • Fixed the delete option display on Document Viewer when a file name includes special characters
  • Implemented Redis improvements to avoid large read/write in redis (page and widgetinstance) caches
  • Corrected the runtime error on load of the ImageGallery Content App for supporting multiple nodes in Azure Web Apps

Release date: 1/17/21

AppManager Product Version: 5.0.2011.2302

AppManager Functionality

  • Corrected message for CKEditor tenant id config lookup to display debug message
  • Fixed the AppManager Dashboard Manager widget display when a site has multiple delivery sites
  • Corrected the clear all cache to clear all keys from redis storage
  • Fixed the Forms Background Processor to ensure the forms processing site urls are valid before processing
  • Corrected the widget definitions to validate multiple views pointing to the same template url
  • Added the ability to select site collection URL for Activity Stream Rollup type
  • Implemented usability improvements for working with dark theme and forms

Release date: 9/25/20

AppManager Product Version: 5.0.2011.2301

Akumina Framework Version: 5.0.2011.2309*

(* version to be used with CDN)

Akumina Framework Functionality

  • Anchor Items:
    • Intelligent Activity Streams provides a multi-lingual feed experience with M365 and 3rd party providers, with the ability to share and promote content, communicate critical and time sensitive messages and ties comments and notifications to user personalized collaborative activity stream

      • Ability to send stream praise posts to team members

      • Ability to send stream polling posts to team members

      • Ability to receive SharePoint subscriptions in the stream

      • Ability to receive Outlook subscriptions in the stream

      • Ability to receive third Party Connectors with Power Automate in the stream

      • Ability to personalize your activity stream configuration

      • Ability to filter the activity stream by subscription type and priority

    • Comment Engine provides ability for threaded and nested comments, likes with emoticons and @mentions; and provides ability to report a comment concern for administrator review

    • Reaction Engine provides the ability to react on comments and stream events with user defined reaction type icons, displays label on hover, and rollup counts by reaction

    • Notification Engine introduces social network functionality in the notification bell with clickable links for redirect to the item and ability to customize which notifications are received

    • Experience Builder 3.0 provides true page version personalization by driving different experiences per Persona on the same URL.  In alignment with the employee journey strategy, for example, the newly onboarded employee will see a different experience than the tenured employee
      • Added a new preview page version button on the Akumina tray

      • Added a new persona personalization button on the page editor bottom tray

  • Optimizer Experience 1.0 allows customizable checklist functionality for driving a completion of tasks. Great for onboarding and other tasks with the ability to integrate with 3rd party workload actions

  • Several performance enhancements included to improve overall performance


AppManager Functionality

  • Anchor Items:
    • A new AppManager Dashboard page allows AppManager users the ability to create a personalized user defined reporting and analytics dashboard specific to each AppManager site


    • Locale formatting allows for a personalized user experience providing the ability for the user to select their AppManager color preference for theme setting, and control the date and time format display in AppManager (Date Format – EU date format DD/MM/YYYY; US MM/DD/YYYY and Time – 12 hour time (12:00 am to 11:00 pm); military time (0000 to 2300))

    • AppManager Branding Rework enables customized app manager experiences for enhanced usability

  • Added several new Management Apps to support the new Activity Streams and Socialization Experience:
    • Activity Streams Manager provides functionality to establish customized feed subscriptions with M365 and 3rd party providers

    • Comment Manager provides clients with a customizable repository to track and report comment concerns, establish comment concern thresholds, review flagged concerns, and generate historical reporting

    • Cosmos DB Manager provides clients with a mechanism to view and query their Activity Stream data, troubleshoot data concerns, and identify areas for data cleanup

    • Message Notification Manager provides clients the ability to send multi-lingual notifications to an activity stream for a group, persona or specific user, and identify important messages for the stream

    • Notification Manager provides the ability to configure notification rules for the site, establish multi-lingual messages by notification type, and define email digest templates

    • Reaction Manager provides a customizable reaction repository for users to engage with posts on Activity Streams and Commenting system

  • Added a new Activity Stream User Manager content app to define the widgets to display, the order of the widgets and if they are expanded on the Activity Stream

  • Added a new AppManager Dashboard Manager management app to enable a site-specific dashboard that provides user defined statistical and analytics reporting with updated links to personalized information for enhanced usability

  • Added a new Step Planner Management App to establish and maintain customizable checklist functionality for monitoring and driving a completion of tasks

  • Added a new Social tab to enable the content app comment and reaction rules used for displaying content in the Activity Stream and Social Engine

  • Enable multi-lingual as a default and provision multi-lingual columns for all lists
  • Enhance Switch Site Collection to easily view current site from AppManager ribbon, provides a drop down to switch site collection and configure subsites

  • Activate new license keys to support Activity Streams, Social Engine and Optimizer
  • Enable license key expiration to provide a countdown and alerts for upcoming expirations

  • Enhance user experience by providing knowledge-based links in AppManager to Akumina Community user guide documentation

  • Added upgrade compatibility to ensure all content apps and configurations are enabled from any previous 4.8 version


Akumina Foundation Site Functionality

  • Foundation Site Branding for FS’20
  • Added Activity Streams and Optimizer to FS’20 Foundation Site
  • Upgraded third party library versions for font awesome and zurb foundation css framework



  • Restructure PeopleSync entities into a single container with the option to switch to multi-containers
  • Support for 5.0 PeopleSync using Microsoft
  • Modify PeopleSync to persist the data to Cosmos DB (SQL API)


Developer Functionality

  • Lots of nice bells and whistles added for developers
  • Provide dashboard analytics using AppInsights with CosmosDB
  • Upgraded frontend framework to Jquery version 3.5
  • Remove the Verb from the REST API’s
  • Build Akumina 3rd Party connectors for use with Activity Stream
  • Supporting new Safari Flow ITP
  • Multi-tenancy CORS support
  • Remove and refactor the Session State Variables – author, forms, actionresults

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