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Traffic Widget

Traffic Widget


To display traffic according to Google Maps for the users location or the designated location.


    • Utilizes Google Maps API for traffic data (free Google Developer account required)
    • Location display can be preset or detected based on user city attribute
    • Mobile-ready via Responsive Web Design
    • Dependencies: Google Maps



NOTE: The use of the Traffic widget requires a Google Maps license and API key


displaytemplateurl N/A for this use.
City City of designated traffic area
State State of designated traffic area
postalcode Postal Code is used to communicate with the Google Maps API to retrieve the traffic data.  If not using targeting (user location attribute) then the location displayed is this postal code location.  If using targeting, the current user’s postal code (if it exists) will override this value.
callbackmethod Value = GetTrafficLocation



View Name:  Traffic

View Description:  Displays the traffic in either the users location or the designated area.

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