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Release 4.8

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Version 4.8 Releases

Release date: 9/10/21

AppManager Product Version: 4.8.2007.1334

SPA Version: 4.8.2110.2601

Akumina Framework Version: 4.8.2007.1531*

(* version to be used with CDN)
Akumina Framework Functionality

  • Added a {Now} token for date and time in Generic Search List Widget
  • Fixed “show more results” button on Announcement Items Widget
  • Corrected outdated events from appearing on Important Date Widget
  • Corrected forms chart to display on subsite form
  • Fixed date range display on Event Detail Widget for all day events
  • Corrected video tags from being stripped and video icon not working in CkEditor
  • Corrected aksearchexclude class in PageData_AK
  • Corrected mobile display with inactivity message
  • Fixed autologin setting to be configurable
  • Fixed ability to update page widget properties with more than 5000 items in the list
  • Corrected document library list selector on Generic List Widget
  • Corrected News Comments Widget showing wrong comments count for 100+ comments
  • Updated min width to allow modal to resize on smaller devices
  • Added ability to use employee images from Azure Ad in Foundation Employee Spotlight Widget
  • Implemented front-end performance improvements

AppManager Functionality

  • Updated SearchPageExlusionList to exclude pages/teamshosted
  • Corrected configuration endpoint error when switching languages from English
  • Stability with caches when using redis
  • Added a Refresh button on the Content App screen for content apps not loading
  • Fixed persona enabled lists settings being overwritten when configuration cache is generated
  • Fixed the ability to enter decimals in a numeric field in a content app
  • Added several performance updates

SPA Updates

Release date: 5/13/21

AppManager Product Version: 4.8.2007.1325

SPA Version: 4.8.2105.0301

Akumina Framework Version: 4.8.2007.1524*

(* version to be used with CDN)

Akumina Framework Functionality

  • Implemented 4.8 front-end performance improvements across the board
  • Corrected disappearing instances on the tray for improved stability
  • Corrected personas not being recognized in subsites
  • Supporting new Safari Flow ITP
  • Added page builder stability improvements to handle duplicate instances of Ckeditor
  • Azure AD flow now operates in an iframe rather than full redirect
  • Added Teams as a Canvas
  • Added Save Page Layout stability improvements for editing widget properties
  • Added ability to manage saved layouts
  • Fixed duplicate records in pagedata_ak in certain circumstances
  • User property improvements with user names containing special characters
  • Multiple delivery sites now function using the same widget id

AppManager Functionality

  • Added ability for deleting virtual pages including page references in Page Manager
  • Preview button now supports static url token
  • Fixed Quicklink URL encoding issues
  • Added Content app permission improvements with various button states
  • Corrected Azure AD cookie stability reducing logout scenarios
  • Added performance improvements when using multiple subsites
  • Added support for “Content App Settings administrator” on the global settings page
  • Corrected ‘spfile’ endpoint to not share cache keys
  • Added ability to sort in curated app content picker
  • Corrected recurring events starting during daylight savings having the wrong end time
  • Corrected proper filtering within taxonomy selector using translated tags

Release date: 7/15/20

AppManager Product Version: 4.8.2007.1501

SPA Version: 4.8.2012.1401

Akumina Framework Version: 4.8.2007.1501*

(* version to be used with CDN)

Akumina Framework Functionality

  • Anchor Items:
    • Introduction of a new Foundation Site Three (FS’20) site.  FS’20 deployment package provides a Modern site allowing a choice of one of three home page layout options (center, left, or right focus) to be selected for the site during deployment. For detailed information, see Foundation Site FS’20 Reference Guide
    • Added a new rail layout option that is available with FS’20 Home Page, please reference Using Rail Layouts to Customize Your Pages
    • Added a new InternalPage dynamic page used to display a detailed internal page view for each of the current site section’s with/without related articles
    • Added a new footer navigation element to appear throughout all the pages on the Foundation Site. The Footer consists of a logo, footer links, world clock items, social links and copyright statement
    • Added new features to the Foundation Site Search box to enable search of the entire site for relevant pages, documents, and people in a tabbed display.  Clicking on the results for the selected tab are displayed a drop down list
    • Added a new edit profile modal to provide the ability to customize the user properties and configure the background of the user profile, please reference Updating the User Profile’s Background Image
    • Included several new widgets to support the new Foundation Site Three (FS’20)
  • Added support for default language other than English
  • Added new button to page builder tray to launch rail modal
  • Fixed adding a page with premade layout to display the page in edit mode
  • Corrected toggle button being enabled on second page creation in modern
  • Corrected page edit add to menu to add links in AppManager to be multilingual enabled to save the language columns
  • Fixed Document Viewer and DMS required text field character limit to maximum length
  • Corrected error message in DMS when required fields are not filled in with check-in
  • Fixed the page navigation when click on view more button
  • Corrected page navigation access with unique page permissions
  • Corrected search query to retain/pass search item to search detail page
  • Fixed site search to work in Headless
  • Added support for reusable content in edit mode in HTMLContent
  • Added documentation links to widget properties
  • Added additional widget properties and property text to display in Multilingual

AppManager Functionality

  • Anchor Items:
  • Corrected clearing configuration cache in delivery site
  • Fixed message for managing master page widget instances from subsite
  • Added friendlynames for uicallback and callback and updated all FS3 widget configurations
  • Fixed PublishedBy/Title in FoundationNews_AK
  • Fixed get_site of null console error while adding indexpage data to PageData_AK
  • Replaced a11yclick calls with WCAGClick
  • Fixed language tokens to display friendly names in Multilingual
  • Added languageid to URL on cache clear, language switch and inactivity
  • Fixed AppManager autologin truncating query string parameters
  • Added support for multiple taxonomy categories

Developer Functionality

  • Lots of nice bells and whistles added for developers
  • Upgraded to Owlcarousel version 2.3.4 to fix swiping on mobile devices
  • Upgraded handlebars from version 4.1.1 to 4.7.6
  • Updated IsSpaClass for all AddSPALinks
  • Change all widget js to pass the “Image Description” as part of the image object to the view for accessibility

Release date: 3/31/20

AppManager Product Version: 4.8.2004.0201

Akumina Framework Version: 4.8.2004.0201*

(* version to be used with CDN)

Akumina Framework Functionality

  • Anchor Items:
    • Enhanced front-end Framework to run seamlessly in a SharePoint Modern environment. Introduced a new SPA package for use in Modern:
      • Single Page Application (SPA) – Akumina acts as a layer on top of the SharePoint modern canvas with full brand ability options and introduces a virtual master page
    • Introduced public CDN for Akumina Framework files which will greatly improve performance out of the box, lower the maintenance of upgrades as well as easily roll out patches in the event a fix needs to be made
    • Now supports new “Akumina Library” instead of “Style Library”:  Akumina library houses all Akumina assets due to SP put an extra permission on the style library
    • Enhanced Quick Content Edit to provide the ability to add content directly from the front-end site alongside the existing edit feature
    • Added a new Auto Provisioning Widget for the content author to provision the necessary list elements from the front-end Framework to easily manage and extend the DWP solution
    • Added a new content site selector in widget manager properties
  • Added Additional Headless Support for:
    • Like and Share Functionality
    • Document Viewer Folder and DragDrop functionality
    • Discussion Board
  • Enhanced widget manager to provide a widget description for all widgets to improve usability when adding and editing widgets
  • Enhanced HTML Content Widget to provide language fallback support on root/subsite for multilingual enabled users
  • Enhanced Quicklinks widget to support 500 plus quicklink items

AppManager Functionality

  • Anchor Items:
    • Added Support for SharePoint Modern
    • Added Central/Delivery Support for rapid re-use of Akumina tooling across many site collections using an ‘install once’ model providing for easy maintenance, upgrades and code deployments
    • Added a new Theme Manager management app to easily establish and change the appmanager theme to provide custom branding for the site
    • Added a new Configuration Evaluation Tool which provides configuration validation of AppManager settings to help with setup and trouble shooting
    • Added ability to select SharePoint Image Renditions upload dimension images and allow user to choose image sizing for Image Picker and increases the performance of the front-end site
    • Added improved Friendly URLs feature to allow content authors to create their own vanity URL
    • Added Additional Support for Headless:
      • ON Premise
      • Headless Infrastructure of only sub-sites (Headless/sub-site Architecture)
  • Now allow the Service Hub and AppManager to be separated. This removes a single point of failure, makes it easier to scale and provides the ability to upgrade without any downtime.
  • Site Creator Step Performance Improvements to expedite the deployment process
  • Implemented ‘Throttling decoration’ best practices to help reduce interruption of service due to high volumes of requests
  • Added a new Management App for managing Page Cache to provide the ability to cache all pages, or a specific page object for sites with many pages
  • Added upgrade compatibility to ensure all content apps and configurations are enabled from any previous 4.5 version

Akumina Foundation Two Site (FS’19) Functionality

  • Added a new Mega Menu view feature to FoundationTopNavigation widget to provide a structured and visible relationship to all site options that is easily viewable at a glance
  • Enhanced CSS theme files to eliminate !important tags and provide a consistent front-end user experience
  • Added a new Language picker view to display above the language selection in main menu bar when multi-lingual is enabled
  • Added a page URL to improve usability when searching for existing pages
  • Enhanced Mobile View to improve mobile display presentation of content
  • Added a department listing landing page

PeopleSync V2

  • Support for On-Premise using SharePoint User Profile Service

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