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Experience Builder: Page Version Personalization

As part of release 5.0, the Akumina Experience Builder functionality has been enhanced to provide true page version personalization with the ability to drive different experiences on the same URL. For additional details on creating and editing a page, please reference Experience Builder .

For example, pages can be personalized in alignment with the employee journey strategy, which could provide the newly onboarded employee to see a different experience than the tenured employee.

Content authors now have the ability to work on multiple page versions simultaneously as well as switch from draft mode to a live mode page for viewing with a click of a button. Page versioning does not require personas to be established.  Page versioning will work using only the defaulted “All” persona; or will work across customized personas created in persona builder. For details on Personas, please reference Persona Builder .

The Experience Builder page versioning feature provides two flows:

  • Content Editing: create/edit page versions and change the draft/live version status
  • View Preview: preview a page version thru the lens of another user

Content Editing Page Version

Content Editing page version allows an authorized user to create a copy of an existing page and modify the content and layout and assign a persona to the page version; or to create a new page version from scratch, all with a click of a button.

To create a page version, click on the Edit page content to invoke the Experience Builder page editor component. For details on creating a new page, please reference Experience Builder .

For details on tray buttons and functions, please reference Using Akumina Tray Functions

Clicking on the  persona personalization from the Page Editor bottom tray, will display the “Persona Personalization” popup window.


Select a page version and click on the 3 dotted ellipses for more options to modify the page version:


Creating a Page Version Copy

  1. Click “Copy as new”, a “Create New” pop up window will be displayed.

  1. Include a version name and version description
  2. Click create
  3. A duplicate version of the page has been created with the same page layout and widget placement.
  4. With the new version selected, click on the 3 dotted ellipses to:
    1. Edit the page to create a modified version in draft mode. This version can be made live at a future time.
    2. Assign to a persona to create a specific page experience. Pages can be assigned to “All” Persona or be assigned to a specific persona.
    3. Delete this version will delete the selected page version only.


Assigning a Persona Priority

  1. Click “Assign Persona”, a “Assign Persona” pop up window will be displayed.

  1. Select a persona from the list or select “All” Persona. Only one persona can be assigned to a page version.
  2. Option to check to make this page version live. If checked, the existing live version will be changed to draft mode. If unchecked, the page version will remain in draft mode.
  3. Click Assign.


Editing a Page Version

  1. Click “Edit” for the page version to be placed in page edit mode.
  2. Edit the page to make changes to page layout, content and/or widgets. For instructions on page editing, please reference Experience Builder 

Note:  Using the Schedule Publish feature for future publish date or archive date, will apply to ALL the page versions (live and draft mode) associated with the page.  All page versions will not be available until the schedule publish date.  An alternative to schedule publish, is to use the draft/live status feature explained below in “Establishing a Live Version”.

3. Save page.


Establishing a Live Version

  1. Click “Set as Live” for the selected page version.
  2. This will change the other page versions for the persona to draft status.
  3. Live and draft mode allows a content author the ability to work on multiple versions of a page at a time, and determine when to make that page version live.  This feature is an alternative to the schedule publish feature.  Content authors can have draft page versions then continue to edit, and decide when they are ready to be published by changing the page version to live status.

Note:  Live version of a page can only be assigned to one persona or to the “All” persona.


Deleting a Page Version

  1. Click on “Delete version”, a delete confirmation pop up will display

2. Click Delete, a page version deleted will display

3. The page version will no longer appear the persona personalization popup


View Page Version Preview


View Page version preview allows an authorized user to view the content and layout of the page version through the lens of another user (persona) to ensure it is working as designed for that persona prior to publishing.


From the Akumina Tray, click on the preview page version button.

The available page versions, in live and draft mode, for the page will be displayed.

Live page versions will display with a green status on the page.


Click on the page name to preview the content and layout of the page version through the lens of another user (persona).


In the lower left of the screen, a tooltip will display to show the page version being previewed.


To exit preview page version mode, click on the exit preview page icon .



Additional Persona Personalization Capabilities

Designing a New Page Version

  1. Click “Add Version”, a “Create Page Version” pop up window will be displayed.

  1. Include a version name, version description and select a layout.
  2. Click create.
  3. A new blank page version has been created to design a new page version from scratch. For instructions on how to create new pages, please reference Experience Builder
  4. A tool tip will display in the bottom left corner when designing the new page version.


Establishing Persona Priority

  1. Click “Persona Priority”, a “Persona Priority” pop up window will be displayed.


  1. The persona priority screen is used to determine the priority of which page version to display if a user is in multiple personas. The “All” persona is the default if no personas are assigned.  Use the arrows to change or modify the persona priority.

In the example below, the HR Persona page version would be displayed for the person in both the HR and IT personas.

  1. Click save


Show Live Page Versions

  1. Checking the “Show Live” box will display the page versions with a status of Live only.


Unassigned Page Versions

  1. Checking the “Unassigned” box will display the list of page versions with personas unassigned.


Viewing Page Versions by Persona

  1. The Select Persona dropdown will display a list of assigned personas the signed in user has permission to access.

2.Select a persona from the dropdown list to display all the page versions assigned to that persona in live and draft status mode.

Note: Version of a page can only have one persona assigned to it

Using Impersonate with Page Versions

The Impersonate Engine allows an authorized user to impersonate the view and navigation of the page version through the lens of another user (persona) to ensure it is working as designed to see the persona priority, page version and navigation is correctly displayed for the persona or selected user.

From the Akumina Tray, click on the Impersonate button.

From the Impersonate Persona popup window, select to Search Persona by User Name or Search by Persona Name.

Select the desired personas and click Impersonate.


Selecting multiple personas to impersonate will display the page view based on the persona priority and provide navigation in impersonate mode. Persona priority is defined on the page editor persona personalization screen.

A tooltip will be displayed in the bottom left corner.

In the lower left of the screen, a tooltip will display to show the page version and persona being impersonated.

To exit impersonate mode, click on the mask icon.

If a persona is not selected, a generic “All” persona will be used for impersonation. In this scenario, the “Status: Live” page version with the “Personas: All” will be displayed.

When a persona is selected without a page version defined for the persona, the default home page with “Status: Live” page version with “Personas: All” will be displayed.

For additional details on using the Impersonate Engine, please reference Impersonate Engine.

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