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Author Content App Permissions

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If enabled, AppManager allows for the setting of permissions on individual Author Type Content App items. When you create a content item in an Author Type content, by default it inherits the permissions associated with that app’s SharePoint list. However, there may be times when you need tighter controls on who can see a specific item in that list. You can change the individual permissions of that item right from AppManager.

Enable the permissions functionality for an Author Type content app in the app’s settings:


It’s important to note that you have complete control over which apps this capability is active in. The capability in “Off” by default when you create a new Author Type content app.

When the permissions functionality is enabled, a new tab will appear in the content app edit screen. This tab allows a content editor to select whether the item should inherit permssions from its list (default) or whether they want to set custom permissions for the item.


If “Use unique permissions” is selected, the editor can then click on “Select Groups & Users” which will open a modal dialog to specify the permissions:


There are two types of permissions that can be set on an item:

  • VIEW & EDIT – users in any of the mapped groups can both View the item on the front-end site AND Edit the item in AppManager.
  • VIEW – users in any of the mapped groups can ONLY View the item on the front-end site, but cannot access or edit the item in AppManager

To add groups to a permission level, click on the “Select Groups & User” space in the listing box:


User who are in neither one of these categories will not see the item on the front-end site or have any access to it.

IMPORTANT: You must both save the group mapping in the permissions dialog AND Save/Publish the content item for the changes to take effect.
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