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Stepper Instance Widget

Stepper Instance Widget


Provides the ability to create a sequence of ordered or unordered steps in a task list to accomplish a goal.


  • Provides ability to create a customized set of tasks to be completed in order to accomplish a goal (seeStep Planner Administrators Guide) 
  • Displays the task list of the step planner
  • Allows ability to create an ordered or unordered plan
  • Allows ability for date specific triggered events
  • Allows ability to define groups/sub-groups hierarchy
  • Allows ability to create plans for onboarding


  • Widget Name: StepperInstanceWidget 
  • Available With:  Release 4.8 and Above
  • Content App Type: N/A
  • Content Type:  N/A
  • Management App Name:  Step Planner
  • List Name:  StepPlans_AK 
  • Recommended Images Sizes:  N/A 
  • Dependencies:   Optimizer License




Plan ID Plan Id for the widget instance
Icon Icon to display with plan instance.  Default set to “fa-list-ol”


View Name:  Stepper Instance Widget

View Description:  Displays the task list of the step planner. 

View Preview:


View Name:  Step Planner – Modern

View Description: Displays the task list of the step planner in a modern view.




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