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What Version Do I Have?

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There are three main components in the Akumina solution for which version numbers are assigned.

Core Framework Version

To get the Core Framework Version, access the debug panel from the front-end site by clicking on Ctrl+uparrow. The Core Framework version is listed at the top of the panel.

Digital Workplace (Site Creator) Front-end Site Version

To find the version for the Digital Workplace (Site Creator) front end, look in the VersionHistory_AK list in SharePoint.  There will be two entries in this list. The “Core” entry is what you need:

  • “Core” DWP version(in this example 4.0.1802.0157)

AppManager Version

Once logged into the AppManager, check the version number by going to the settings area using the gear in the top right corner of the AppManager. You will see the version appear here.

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