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Adding the AppManager App to your SharePoint Site

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Note these instructions use the “Classic Mode” SharePoint 2016 screens.

NOTE: The User who adds the App to the SharePoint site cannot be the Primary Farm administrator.  They must be an “owner” only on the target Site Collection.
  • Navigate to the “Site Contents” page by clicking the “Gear Icon” on the SITE Ribbon and from dropdown menu click “Site Contents” .
  • On the Site Contents page below select “add an app”.
  • The “Site Contents > Your Apps” page will be displayed.
  • Click in the Left Navigation menu “From Your Organization”.
  • This page will change the content to only display the Apps from your organization, here you will see “Akumina AppManager” or the name you set for the AppManager app.
  • Click on the AppManager app.
  • The “Do you trust Akumina AppManager” dialog box will appear.
  • Click on “Trust It”.
  • When the app is completely installed on your Site Collection, it will appear as seen below.
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