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Managing Multiple Sites in AppManager

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AppManager can manage multiple sites within a Site Collection.  Navigating to a different site is done through a selection link in the AppManager header which displays the current site, and provides a link to change the site being managed. Each site within the Site Collection has its own Global Settings and Content Apps definitions that must be defined.

In the AppManager header is a display of the Current Site that is being managed, as well as a “change” link which will open a list of available sites to manage.


When the user selects “change” a list of available sites to manage is displayed (subject to the permissions of the current user):


Selecting another site and clicking the “OK” button will result in AppManager displaying the apps and management features for the newly selected site.


  • AppManager will automatically detect if a new site is added to the Site Collection.
  • The display of the sites to choose from is security trimmed based on the current logged in user


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