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Akumina Key Vault Custom Keys


Akumina enables custom keys in Akuminas singletenant hosting instances using Azure Key Vaults to store and manage cryptographic keys.  Customers can use software-protected or HSM-Protected (Key Vaults Premium SKU provisioned on request) keys using Vaults. 



  • KeyVaults should be co-located with storage (same region) 
  • Supported custom key format types are .pfx, .pem, and .byok 

Generating Keys 

You can visit the Azure portal Key Vault Key Generation UI to generate keys if you need to generate keys programmatically, either use PowerShell, CLI, or REST APIs.  In this document, we are going to use Azure Portal. 

To generate a key, navigate to the key vault, then click keys, and then click Generate/Import 


Standard SKU


Premium SKU  


Importing Keys 

To generate a key, navigate to the key vault, then click keysand  then click Generate/Import.


Standard SKU


Premium SKU 

Configuring Storage Encryption 

To enable storage encryption using custom keys, locate your storage account, and then navigate to encrypt and configure the key vault’s custom key. 



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