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Save, Publish and Preview Functions (version 4.x)

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Universal to all content apps in the Akumina AppManager is the ability to Save, Publish, Preview or Cancel changes.  These buttons appear in every content app editing interface, although are not always active as noted below:


The following describes the function of each of these buttons:

Button Details
PUBLISH This button publishes the content changes that have been made so that they appear on the website.
PREVIEW For Content Apps that have preview enabled by the AppManager Administrators, clicking this button will display the current content in the context of the page it will reside on.  If the Content App has been configured with more than one page available for preview, a drop down will display with the list of pages:


Important note: The Preview function is available for Content Apps that have “versioning” AND “content approval” enabled on their associated list. It utilizes the SharePoint permissions infrastructure to determine who can see content that is in a “draft/pending” status as a result of saving but not publishing.  For users who can see draft items, they will be displayed whether the users views the page from the AppManager content app, or just navigates to the same page using site navigation.


SAVE For Content Apps that have “versioning” AND “content approval” enabled on their associated list, this button allows you to Save a version of the current content changes, but does not publish it to the website or submit it for approval.  This allows you to make incremental changes and preview those changes without having to worry about the content changing live on the website.
CANCEL Cancels all changes since the last save/publish and returns you to the AppManager Content Explorer interface.  A confirmation dialog is displayed to ensure you meant to cancel.


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