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Upgrading the Akumina Core Site

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The purpose of this topic is to provide the detailed steps required to upgrade a Core Site using the Akumina AppManager. An upgrade is done via the SIteCreator app, and will update the core Akumina Framework.

Note: This is dependent on the upgrade of the AppManager. If this is not done, then do not proceed.


  • Launch AppManager and navigate to the Management Apps tab
  • Launch the Site Creator app
  • In the Site Creator App interface, select the “Digital Workplace Core Site” option (ensure that the Current Site in the top left of the screen is set to the root site of the Site Collection).
  • Select the “Upgrade Site” option. This is used to update the Akumina Framework on the site.
  • Click the Upgrade button to start the upgrade
  • After the steps have run, the site is now updated to the latest Akumina version.
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