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Additional Steps Required for IE 11 Browser Support

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Due to variations in the IE Browser family (as compared to browsers such as Chrome and Firefox), there are additional settings required if your users are going to use a IE 11 browser in an O365 installation.

Add URLs to “Trusted Sites”

With the IE browsers (11 or Edge) the AppManager URL, front-end site URL AND the Microsoft login URL must be added to the “Trusted Sites” in order for the Akumina Framework, your front-end site and certain widget functionality (such as My Apps) to operate properly.

  • Access Internet Options/Security/Trusted Sites and click on the “Sites” button
  • Add the AppManagerURL, the URL for the home of your intranet site, and the Microsoft login ( to the Trusted Sites list

Enable Cookies for AppManager website

Cookies MUST be enabled in the browser for the AppManager website.

  • Access Internet Options/Privacy tab
  • Click on the “Sites” button in the Settings section
  • Add your AppManagerURL in the website address field and click “Allow”

Enabling “My Apps” Functionality for IE Browsers

If your organization is going to enable the “My Apps” functionality, there is an additional setting required:

Access the “DigispaceConfigurationIDS_AK” list and set the “LOADER_STEPS_ENABLE_FETCHSPGROUPS” key to “true”

To apply the change for the site, you must refresh the cache. Verify you have one of your browsers TABs open in AppManager (if not click on the tray and the “Jump to Appmanager” icon)

Then Open the debug pane on the Digital Workplace site (Ctrl + uparrow) and click on

  1. “Refresh Configuration Cache”
  2. “Refresh All Cache”
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