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Working with Quicklinks Type Content Apps

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When launching a Quicklinks content app type, the user is brought directly into the editing interface for the app.  This is because the app itself deals with multiple “items” in a single interface.

As an example, let’s look at launching a Top Navigation “Quick Links” app from the main menu on the home page site.


Click on the Quick content edit from the Akumina Tray or click on the Navigation content app in AppManager to open the following interface for editing:


The Quicklinks Content App type interface is comprised of two major sections:

  • Link Tree (left hand panel)
  • Link Details (right hand panel)

The Link Tree interface allows the user to add Categories (  ), Forms () or Links () to the tree.  These items can also be moved in the hierarchy by dragging/dropping/sliding them to the desired location.  Links can be at the top level or nested under a category.  Only two levels of links are supported.

A category name can be set by double-clicking on the category folder icon.

The details for a link are set by clicking on the link entry.  The details for the link will appear in the right hand Link Details panel and are as follows:

Field Details
Persona Select the persona(s) that will have access to this link
Link label The name of the link as it will appear in the left panel and on the website
Link Full URL for the target of the link
Is Akumina Page Uncheck this box when you want to link to a modern SharePoint page which is outside of Akumina framework
Active Will display on the site if checked
Open with Choose to have the link open in the same window or a new window. If you are working with a multilingual site and you add a deep link to an item in another language then configure “Open with” to “new window”
Icon For site displays that are enabled, an icon can be selected for a link to be displayed on the site.
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