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Working with Author Type Content Apps (release 4.0)

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The AppManager has several content app “types”.  The type associated with a particular content app is set by the developer/admin for the site, so typical content authors only need to know what to expect when using certain app types.

When launching an Author type of content app, the user is first presented with a list of the content they have access to that is associated with that app (unless they launch a piece of content directly from Your Latest Content pane).

As an example, let’s look at launching the “Department News” app to edit a specific news article.  Double clicking the Department News content app icon will open the following screen with the list of content associated with the app:

This screen contains the following:

  • Listing of each content item associated with the app.  The listing contains the title of the content, its current status, who last edited it and when.  It also contains and “Edit” button to open the content for editing


  • Search rail for filtering the content list to make it easier to find the desired content item.  Users can
    • search by title using the search box
    • filter by the Last Modified date range
    • filter by the content state (Published, Pending, Draft, Rejected)
    • filter by the person who last edited the content
    • filter by the person who originally created the content
    • Use the Advanced Filter to search based on content fields within the items (See Advanced Filtering|topic=Advanced Filtering section for more information).


  • Finally, the Add New button () is used to add a new item to the content app (in our example, a new Department News item)


For this example, we will add a new item to the Department News content app.  Clicking on the “Add New” button brings up the app’s interface showing all the available fields of information defined by the content app.  Completing all the applicable fields is as easy as using any word process (in fact, you can cut and paste text from Word if desired!).

Following is an example item completed, followed by an explanation of the fields associated with our Department News content app as an example:


Field Details
Title This is the internal system title for the item.  This title will be used to generate the FriendlyURL that will be assigned to view this item on the Details page.  It is important to exclude any special characters from this title that are not URL legal.  Spaces are OK.  These restrictions in generated the FriendlyURL are the reason for the Announcement Title field below.
Body This is the body content for the item
Expires Enter the date and time that the item will expire.  When the specified date/time is reached, the item will no longer appear on the site, although it will remain in the list of content in the Content App so that it can be used later if needed.
Start Date This is the date on which the item will become visible on the site.  No date set means the item will appear as soon as it is published.
Announcement Title This is the title of the item that will appear on the website.  This title does allow for special characters.
Summary This is the summary text that will be displayed under the title in the Summary View.
FriendlyUrl This is the generated FriendlyURL.  This URL will ONLY appear once the content is saved.  It is provided to the user as a convenient way to get the URL for the Detail View page for the content.


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