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Department Sub-Site with Unique Permissions

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When creating a Department Sub-Site with Unique Permissions from the Site Creator, sometimes you might encounter the following warning message:

“Break Inheritance selected while deployment of department site, update the default groups for this modern site”

Modern Sub Site Unique Permissions Warning

When you see this message, you need to do the following steps (manually):

  1. Navigate to the newly created sub-site and go to site settings.
  2. In the Site Settings, click on Site Permissions (found under Users and Permissions section).
  3. You should see 3 groups created for Owners, Members and Visitors with the sub-site name.
  4. Select the “Members” group, select “Settings” and in the drop down select “Make Default Group”.

Sub Site Groups Set Default

When we create a sub-site with unique permissions sometimes Microsoft gives an error of “Access Denied” when setting the default groups, hence we need to have this as a manual step.

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