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Facebook Page Widget

Facebook Page Widget


Displays any public Facebook page feed on the site


    • Ability to embed a Facebook page feed onto your intranet site
    • Customizable with timeline, message, and event tabs
    • Easily adjust widget height and width


    • Widget Name: FacebookPageWidget
    • Available With:  Release 4.8
    • Content App Type: N/A
    • Content Type: N/A
    • Content App Name: N/A
    • List Name: N/A
    • Recommended Images Sizes: N/A
    • Dependencies: Company Facebook URL




Displayed Title Title of the widget on the page
Facebook Page URL URL from Facebook that drives the feed
Show Timeline Tab Displays/hides Facebook timeline from the widget
Show Messages Tab Displays/hides Facebook messages from the widget
Show Events Tab Displays/hides Facebook Events from the widget
Use small header Displays the small header of Facebook (Facebook embed property)
Hide cover photo Hides the cover photo in the header
Show friend’s faces Hides or shows friends faces in the feed
Height Adjusts the height of the facebook iframe
Width Adjusts the width of the facebook iframe
Cache Interval Sets the time, in minutes, that the data should be saved in the local browser cache of the current user.

  • 0 = Do not cache the data for this widget
  • -1 = Use the default caching strategy set via Site Creator

Whole Number = Cache for specific time, in minutes


View Name: FacebookPage

View Description: Modified Facebook feed, with tabbed content display

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