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Release 6.1

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Prod Release Date: 2024-02-21, Cloud, Self-Hosted

App Manager Version: 6.1.2312.1818

App Manager Functionality

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where the spfile endpoint sometimes returned stale images. (58981)
  • Fixed an error that sometimes occurred when selecting an image in App Manager.
  • Fixed an issue in the Asset Library where retrieving items from a folder was sometimes timing out for folders with a lot of items.

Prod Release Date: 2024-02-08, Cloud, Self-Hosted

App Manager Version: 6.1.2312.1815

App Manager Functionality


  • Improved performance when publishing a page and clearing page cache. (58824)
  • Improved Redis cache performance.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that could occur in the Asset Library when uploading large image files.
  • Fixed an issue where some lists could not be auto-translated due to FriendlyUrlSearch field. (58604)
  • Fixed an issue where stale page data was sometimes shown in live mode. (58746)
  • Improved performance of the ‘Add list items – 1033’ step in Site Creator to prevent timeouts when deploying sites.



A new module was added to the Broadcast Center to send customizable Newsletters to a targeted audience.

Features include:

  • Customize and save recipients lists with the ability to send to the entire company, specific Personas, specific users, AAD groups, or use a custom query.
  • Customize and save Newsletters templates.
  • Preview the Newsletter in desktop, mobile view, or a test email before sending it.
  • Schedule when the Newsletter will be sent.
  • Analytics to understand how recipients interact with a Newsletter.
  • Multilingual and workflow support.

Documentation for Newsletters can be found at

Mobile Push Notifications

Mobile push notifications are now available to send Broadcast Message push notifications to users with the mobile app installed.

Mobile SMS Notifications

SMS notifications are now available to send Broadcast Message notifications via text message to users with a mobile phone number synced to their profile.

Site Manager

Added the ability to remove orphaned sites in Site Manager – Configure Rootsites.

Release Dates:

AppManager release date (Dev): 2023-10-28

AppManager release date (Prod): 2024-01-12

Front-end CDN release date: 2024-01-19 (tentative)

More release notes are coming soon!


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