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Query AppInsights Admin App

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Akumina provides an Ad Hoc query tool for Admins to search application logging in AppInsights and Log Analytics Workspace.
This application is available from AppMgr at “/Admin/Log”.

This URL will resolve to /Admin/Log/QueryAppInsight for environments that log to AppInsights.


Query Source

There are up to 3 sources where AppInsight logging is maintained. Your configuration will determine which options you see.

Log Analytics Workspace
Available in AppManager 6.1 and greater. Log aggregator of both AppMgr and Azure Function App logging. You can also select the desired cloud location.
A single workspace is configured for each Azure location which will aggregate AppMgr and Azure Function AppInsight logs within that location.
App Manager AppInsights
App Manager logs from your current Azure location
Azure Functions AppInsights
Azure Functions logs from your current Azure location

Saved Queries

You can manage a set of saved queries for your organization.

Load Default Queries
Akumina provides a set of default saved queries for each query source
Query Selector
Select the desired saved query from provided drop-down
Save Query As
Name and save the current query to your Saved Queries
Export Query
Export the current query. This is often used to move/share queries between different environments
Delete Saved Query
Delete the currently selected Saved Query

Table Selector

AppInsight logs are organized in tables: traces, requests, exceptions, etc. For each Query Source, Akumina provides a set of logical tables for logs. These are often based on Akumina features.
Select the table that captures the data that you are looking to query.

Where Clause

For each provided Table, Akumina provides a set of meaningful properties (standard and custom dimensions) that can be used to filter the log data. Each “Where” predicate provides the property name, a set of supported operators and an input field for the property value.
The “Custom” predicate allows you to enter raw KQL.

Order By Clause

You can return your query results newest first (DESC) or oldest first (ASC).


How many matching entries do you want returned? Paging is not supported and you can only return a max of 300 results.

Query Results

Run Query
Click the “Run Query” button to execute the query. The Query Results section will be displayed with the matching results.
Show Query Text
Click the “Show Query Text” button to display the KQL that will be submitted for your query.

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