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Akumina Pro Tips: Adding Your First Activity Stream Subscription

New in Version 5 are Intelligent Activity Streams that connect your employees with all of their resources in a unified and hyper personalized feed. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s amazing how powerful it is to pull in everything that matters most to the employees within your organizations whether it be news posts, company announcements, support tickets from your ticketing system, sales insight from your CRM and more.

You’ve just upgraded to version 5 and now you’re asking yourself, “what’s next?”

Activity Streams is a great way to start to roll out new functionality to your team and if you are wondering where to start, you’re in the right place.

Creating a new SharePoint subscription type within Activity Streams is like the “Hello World” of Activity Streams and is easy for anyone to do without being intimidated. Lucky for you, we put together a simple video to get you going with creating your first Activity Stream subscription:

Now, this is just one simple use case, but from here, there are lots of possibilities for creating some subscriptions that are extremely useful to your employees like featured documents, promoted news stories, employee spotlights, highlighted polls and surveys, and more.

Dan O'Neil
Dan O'Neil
Senior Solutions Architect, Customer Success | Akumina, Inc.