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broken font awesome icons?

I can't seem to use some of the font awesome icons that ship with digitalworkplace.custom.css


in particular, I am trying .fa-address-card, .fa-id-card, and .fa-question-circle-o, but i get squares for them. i see the classes listed in digitalworkplace.custom.css but still not working. I have tried using these font awesome icons in a few different projects with no success. they are included in v4.7.0 which is the reference in the digitalworkplace.custom.css file.


Any ideas?


If you do a inspect in your browser, and look at the element, do you see the following style?

.fa-vcard::before, .fa-address-card::before {
content: "";
If so, do some of the more basic ones show, like fa fa-globe ?
And finally, do you have a style that overrides? What is the html and the style for the element you have it applied to?