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Content Apps Permissions

A few questions about content apps:


  1. I am a site collection admin, and a member of the Owners group with Full Control rights. However, when I open a content app I see an icon to view the list item but I can’t edit. Where are the settings for CRUD operations rights located?
  2. I am able to create a new item in the app. However, the “Preview” and “Save” buttons are disabled. Where can I go in the settings to enable those buttons?

For the save/preview buttons, see here:


For the edit buttonn missing, if you go to appmanager -> settings, do you see a "oauth token" button? Can you click that?

I read the document regarding the save and preview buttons; I assume that these are controlled by the versioning settings for the SharePoint list or library?

Once I clicked on the OAuth token button I saw the ability to edit items in the content apps. I checked with users that have Design, Edit, and Contribute permissions and they can edit as well. Do I just need to click that button once for each new environment to enable editing?

Thanks as always for your help.