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DOCUMENTATION UPDATE: Akumina Foundation Site Two

  • All new Foundation Site Two has launched with a brand new look and feel incorporating Akumina 4.5 key features of Experience Builder, Virtual Experience Canvas, Persona Builder and Impersonation Engine
  • Added NEW Foundation Site Two features including:
    • Easily customizable Main Navigation Mega Menu providing navigation for the entire site
    • Business Category Tiles with subcategories to define business links and applications for ease of navigation
    • Enhanced Home Page News experience allowing user comments on detail news articles
    • Targeted News Experience Page with Blog News, Breaking Company News, Special Announcements, Recent News and My News
    • Search Type Ahead functionality searches the entire site for relevant pages and documents with only a few keystrokes providing a popup modal of results
    • Video display of all videos populated from the company’s Microsoft Stream channels requiring only a click of a button to watch the latest videos
    • People Updates providing dropdown customizable filtering to spotlight targeted employees (for example; new hires, employee anniversaries, new jobs, etc.)
    • Job Vacancies providing company internal job postings with pop up modal of job details and contact information
    • All new site widgets to support the many new features above
  • Updated documentation:
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Deleted user

Great stuff. I really like the look of the new foundation site. Look forward to diving into the guide. Will there be a demo at some point?

Hey Todd,

A demo of Foundation Site Two is available by contacting your sales representative.

Hope that helps.